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RAD® torque wrenches: pneumatic, battery powered and electric pistol grip high torque guns.

Buy or rent the most powerful, accurate, and safe torque tool or torque multiplier on the market today. 

ALL-NEW B-RAD Xtreme! Torque up to 11,000 ft. lbs./ 15,000 Nm with the all-new B-RAD Xtreme (B-RAD X) -- the world’s most powerful battery-operated torque wrench for industrial applications available in three different sizes:

• B-RAD X 5,000 ft. lbs. / 7,000 Nm

• B-RAD X 8,000 ft. lbs. / 10K Nm

• B-RAD X 11K ft. lbs. / 15K Nm

B-RAD Select Torque Tool - Fastest Battery-Operated Tool On The Market
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